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This CD looks like a country CD and if that's what your looking for you wont be disappointed. This CD is much more than just a country CD however, as I found out when I gave it a listen the other day. This is the third CD by Brant and I was really amazed when I heard the incredible creativity of this Texas songwriter. Brant has had two previous CDs. "The New American Dream" released in 1998 and "This Train" released in 1996.He has won 3 King Eagle Awards from "Airplay International" and has been getting consistent European airplay for many years. All 3 albums were produced by Colonel Buster Doss. The experience shows as he forges this third CD. Like bottled lightning the music explodes out of the speakers in the many hues this sound painter uses to tell his stories and reach his audience. There's a lot of really interesting tunes here. Some of the music has some very nice progressive changes making this one of the most interesting listens this year. I especially like some of the tunes that have a smooth jazz/Americana sound like ""My Mississippi" and "Pueblo Pacifico". The music is mostly country but a combination of traditional and new country without getting too rocky. For information on ordering and more samples you can visit his site:

Pueblo Pacifico

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