Customize Your Browser's Look With Ellicitis

Now you can change the way the top taskbars of your web browser looks with this little program. I've included some screen shots of the panel with the BMP I used and below how the taskbar looks when the program applies the BMP. Your only limited by your imagination but note that the sky on a couple of the BMPs is the only thing that's picked up so re-size or crop your BMP accordingly. On small BMPs the program will tile the image as in the yellow sample.

The file is located at an interesting site with an interactive application on the second page. If you click on the ring of circling orbs and then move your mouse, they will follow your mouse until you click it again. They will then circle the spot you clicked.

Well, I'm easily amused. You'll need Flash4 to see it but it's worth it. Go to this page and either get Flash 4 or if you already have it just click enter:

If you're interested in trying this program for free you can get it here:

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