If you do any downloading at all you're going to want this great program. It is not just great, it is also free! This "monster" download software has some very handy features that will help make your downloads faster and more successful. When you download a file from a website, it is just a bit more complex than it appears. You ask for a file and the site sends out requests to its multiple download points. Whichever responds first is the one you download from. With Go!zilla you will have all the responding sites listed in a window with reliability calculated so you can choose the best to download from.

One interesting feature is the "Leech file". This enables you to have a list of all the files that make up a web page and download them if you wish (and of course have permission). This comes in very handy if you want to know how a page was composed.

Once a file has been downloaded it is placed on your desktop, so no more hunting for files. Sound familiar? Incidently, when downloading MP3s Go!zilla may ask that you send the file back to your browser so the MP3 can be put in its proper place inside the library of music. All downloads are listed in a screen in the program once they are completed so you can keep track of what you have downloaded.

You can download this great program for free at:

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