Here I am Backstage at the Zevenbergen Festival after playing a great set and I can hear the crowd cheering and the Mule Dog helecopter landing, ready to take me to the next stop on the European tour............Huh? Oh excuse me, I dozed off and was dreaming. Here's my letter from the publisher for this issue.

For all those new to Mule Dog Records I'd like to invite you to listen to the free music samples on RealAudio including a complete song called "Without You" off the CD at the : Album Samples Page. There are MIDI and WAV files located at the :
MIDI and WAV page. Thanks are in order all around for the help everyone has given Mule Dog Records
in the last year. Mule Dog has now truly branched out Internationaly, and that was
due to the great folks playing the music; all of the International DJs. My hearfelt thanks
goes out to each and every one who helped take Mule Dog all the way
up to number 16 on the International Independent Country Charts this summer. Also my thanks
goes to the Mule Dog Team for the support they have given the Mule Dog through
these past few years. I couldn't have done it without all of you. Thanks to all the new friends of Mule Dog also who keep the music playing in more and more locations
all over the world. I will be anouncing some great news soon, since one of Mule Dog's songs has been chosen by a European group to record on their next CD. Stay tuned for details. Thanks again to all and I have to get it in here somewhere, To all a happy new millennium.

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