Plenty of time to waste? Buy a computer

Computer technology has finally progressed to the point where nearly everyone can benefit from this modern miracle, if you have plenty of time on your hands. You might think that the computer will be a faithful mechanical servant made to carry out your commands, well think again, as soon as you start it up for the first time it takes you through a tour and has you making "start-up discs" you're already working for the computer! From the moment you even think about buying one if you don't do your homework you can wind up paying too much for too little or worse not getting enough guaranteed technical support. As soon as you get the computer home you'll find out that all the wonderful "bundled software" that came with the system are mostly worthless and inferior programs and games you'll never want to use, much less take up space on your computer. The next step is to get your wallet out again and buy the really good programs and games, of course you have to first put in an un-install program or if you decide to take any of the new programs out you may wind up messing the whole system up. The "system " or "operating system" is what has made it much simpler for us to use the computer, sometimes. It still has some problems but if you have the time to spend you can get results and learn patience. It is sometimes like a car going down the road and stopping for no reason. You have to re-start it and begin again or sometimes un-install and then re-install a part. If the computer were a car a message would come on the dash board "please pull over and re-install the radiator". We can only hope things will get better but when the head of the company that makes the system unveiled the new 1998 system for the world to see it crashed on take-off. I still recommend getting one if you have the time. It has it's advantages for example I was able to hand over this article on computer disc so at least somebody will have been saved the work of re-typing this.


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