For our friends unfamiliar with the Internet or world wide web, and for those who are, but wish to be amused by my attempt at a technological explanation here goes: The world wide web is a lot of computers all over the world linked together to serve you (let’s hope). If you have a computer on-line (properly connected to your phone line) you can, without long distance or overseas charges, send and receive mail to and from anywhere in the world. You can send and receive photographs, animation, movies, and music. You can tap into libraries all over the world and print out volumes of information on any subject you can imagine. If you subscribe to a “Premium Service” you are provided with an endless amount of information, entertainment, and even companionship. There are “rooms” set up where people with common interests can talk to each other, with a group or one on one. A premium service will also provide free software (computer programs and games you might need). You can download (get them) for free, without having to go to the store and buy them, “From the comfort of your own home”. I even got some on-line legal assistance through the Internet and was able to ask a real lawyer for some free legal advice! Now the most exciting part. WAKE UP!!!! If you have a favorite artist and want to check on concert dates, reserve tickets, order stuff, download lyrics, pictures, and even talk to your favorite stars!!! (It could happen!) THEY HAVE WEB SITES!!! For example Mule Dog Records has a web site and this is the way it works; we rent a space in the memory of a computer. That space contains pictures, text, song samples, and an E-mail link. This site can be reached from all over the world so anyone can see our concert pictures, read our magazine, hear song samples, and contact us!

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